Protect & Preserve

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Caution! - Protect and Preserve
Since the first consultation is free, there is no excuse for not consulting an attorney as soon as possible. He who hesitates is lost. The earlier an attorney becomes involved in the representation of a client, the sooner steps can be taken to help a client obtain medical treatment, wage or disability benefits, relief from the mounting pressure of creditors, and to prevent statements, loss or damage of evidence, and other innocent mistakes by clients that can severely damage the value, or even the validity of, a claim. Since money damages is what the law provides as compensation for injury, delay often results in the loss of substantial compensation for clients.
Do not talk with, or give a statement to, any insurance representative, law enforcement officer, news media representative, or other person, about how the incident occurred, your injuries, or how badly you were injured. Even if you are asked by your own insurance company to give a statement, it is still a good idea to call us before doing so, just to make sure things are being accurately represented to you. Never post anything on the internet (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.) about the occurrence, your injuries, or any other aspect of your case. Often, people make inaccurate statements, or they innocently and unknowingly use words or terms that have legal significance, and which severely damage the validity or value of their claim.
Do not sign any release, medical authorization, or other document until after it has been reviewed by, and discussed with, an attorney.
The validity, or value, of claims may be damaged due to the loss of, or failure to preserve, important evidence. Make sure damaged vehicles are not disposed of as salvage until after your attorney has had an opportunity to inspect and photograph the vehicle. Sometimes, the vehicle itself must be taken into custody and preserved. Keep in a safe, secure and protected area any personal property, or property susceptible to damage or deterioration, that was damaged or involved in the incident. Save copies of all documents you have